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Re: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

On Monday 28 April 2003 18:26, you wrote:
> Hmm, don't know about that.  I wouldn't pin the pocket to my knickers
> without wearing tights, as it would bounce around and look quite strange...
> However, my pin up pocket is quite adaptable, and I have used it pinned to
> the outside of a suit skirt without pockets or loops.  It holds it closer
> to my body than any of my purpose made pump holders, which makes it quite
> discrete.
> Lesley

That makes sense. I'll have to give it a try! 
Yes, if you pinned the pocket to your knickers without tights, the weight of 
it might pull your knickers down!!!

I assume you mean you pin it to the *inside* of your skirt, not the outside???
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