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RE: [IPk] basal cover on glargine/ humalog

John Neale wrote:

>I hear tales on other (non-pump) diabetes mailing lists of people taking
>their Lantus/glargine twice-daily, rather than the advertised once-daily.
>Thinking about it, that seems an odd thing to do if the insulin really is
>lasting 24 hours, since both injections will over-lap and give you the same
>as a larger once-daily shot. Therefore I presume that in these people the
>Lantus wears off early

It will be really interesting to see how this pans out: people who were
initially put on glargine to deal with hypos might find themselves back on
other insulins because they get unacceptably high BGs on it, because
glargine doesn't mimic varying insulin needs. If I had to go back onto
injections, I would refuse to try glargine because I have demonstrated, both
with my pump (5-7 basals, depending on the time of the month) and with my
relatively successful basal-bolus injection regime, that a smooth curve
wouldn't suit me at all. Like Melissa, using glargine I would have to wake
up at 4 or 5am every day to inject short acting insulin to avoid a high
fasting BG! But just try gettting my pump away from me!

elizabeth, always the cynic when the next big thing arrives
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