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RE: [IPk] To hold insulin pumps under skimpy clothes!?!

Hello Di

The cheongsam is quite fitted, enough that the bra clip worn on the side would
show too much.  The hollow at the front of my leg is not quite pump shaped (!)
but it fits a D-Tron so it should fit a Minimed!  I guess if you have a
washboard flat stomach, then you might not have the hollow I'm talking about,
which is formed by the drape of a dress or skirt over my abdomen, where my
legs meet my body.  The trick is to pin the pocket inside my tights so nothing
can move.

Hope this clarifies things!!


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From:	Diana Maynard [SMTP:email @ redacted]

You have a pump-shaped hollow in the front of your leg??? That's very
I don't seem to have one :-(
Is your dress tight? I can imagine it would work well as long as your dress
is quite loose.

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