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RE: [IPk] basal cover on glargine/ humalog

>Does anyone have experience of glargine lasting 24 hours? I was on
>ultralente/Zn when I was on injections, and it was supposed to last 36hours.
>In practice, it started running out in 18 hours. Perhaps the 'running out'
>doesn't happen with glargine because it is a smoother curve.

I hear tales on other (non-pump) diabetes mailing lists of people taking
their Lantus/glargine twice-daily, rather than the advertised once-daily.
Thinking about it, that seems an odd thing to do if the insulin really is
lasting 24 hours, since both injections will over-lap and give you the same
as a larger once-daily shot. Therefore I presume that in these people the
Lantus wears off early - contrary to what the advertising department say.
It doesn't take too much to work out that you can adjust your morning and
evening dose to contruct a different nightime and daytime basal rate - *if*
that's what you need and *if* the Lantus doesn't last 24 hrs in you. Does
that make sense?

But no - I've never used glargine, and I'm not sure how I would reproduce
my dawn increase in basal rate using it.


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