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RE: [IPk] basal cover on glargine/ humalog

Hi all -

Does anyone have experience of glargine lasting 24 hours? I was on
ultralente/Zn when I was on injections, and it was supposed to last 36hours.
In practice, it started running out in 18 hours. Perhaps the 'running out'
doesn't happen with glargine because it is a smoother curve.

My tuppence worth on glargine is that yes, it will help some people, but no,
it dosn't mimic the pump (other people have covered the basal rate issue),
and a lot of people are going to have trouble with medics who say 'this
insulin does x, your high BGs/low BGs aren't the fault of your insulin'. But
perhaps education is getting better and this sort of attitude will be less
frequent, but it's difficult to get anyone to give up their holy grail
fantasy, and I think that's what glargine is for many medics. Melissa is
absolutely correct: diabetes management is an art of applying science.

BTW, I had a basal/bolus regime on injections - it's not something new that
came along with glargine. I was on five or more shots a day - more because
I'm an incurable snacker!

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