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Re: [IPk] Infusion Sites

Hi Stuart
The stomach is probably the most reliable place for infusion sites so he 
might want to try there. I find the lower stomach more reliable (and less 
painful as I often hit muscle in my upper stomach) but other people find the 
opposite.  I have good success with the lower hip area too (about the level 
of the back pocket of your jeans, but a couple of inches further round 
towards the front (roughly where the vertical seam of the jeans is that goes 
down the outside of your leg). I use an area there of about 4 square inches 
and find that successful (don't go *right* where the trouser seam is though 
or it'll rub on the set!)

I'd love to be able to use my legs but had some really bad sites (where no 
insulin seemed to be absorbed at all) and after about 3 attempts I gave up. 

it's worth experimenting - just pick a day and time when you can monitor 
carefully what happens for the first few hours, in case there are problems.
Hope that helps

On Monday 28 April 2003 11:05, you wrote:
> Can anyone give me experiences with alternative infusion sites. ? Our son
> has been using the outer part of the top
> of his legs for a few months now with NO issues at all. Every insertion has
> been 100%. He is loathed to move to
> another area in case the success rate is lowered. We are worried about the
> lack of healing time he is getting on
> is present sites and I would really appreciate experiences from anyone out
> there .
> We are using 508 with mt321's infusion sets and our son is 10 coming on 11
> with type1 since he was 5.
> Pumping since Sept last year.
> Thanks
> Stuart
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