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Re: [IPk] Re difficulty with glargine and humalog and Pump or new insulin

Hi Fiona

I was commenting on my mother's inexactitude regarding pasta, bread and 
rice as it occurs to *me*. As I've commented many times, this disease is 
very different in all of us.

In *me*, white rice and white bread start to peak between 15 and 30 minutes 
after ingestion and BG starts to drop after an hour, with pre-prandial 
rates regained about 90minutes after eating. That is not "sticking with 
you", imho. Pasta is somewhat slower... it takes about 30-45 minutes to 
begin peaking. Full regaining of pre-prandial BG usually occurs 
about  2.5-3hrs after eating. As you might guess, it's taken me a lot of 
testing and time to learn these facts about me, bur certainly makes my BG 
easier to predict and control.

I guess it's just a matter of finding what works for *you*, and I was 
suggesting that the way these foods affect me may have been replicated in 
you and be accounting for the occasional low 40-60 minutes after eating.



At 11:33 PM 25/04/2003, you wrote:

>I feel your mother was right even if glycaemic values would indicate otherwise
>re rice and pasta etc.  These meals are usually in the evening and my
>overnight bs tend to be low normally waking bs often only just 3 but start to
>rise quickly as soon as I wake ie an hour later if I have still not eaten or
>taken any short acting insulin it will go up to 6.  However, if I have had the
>above type of meal and don't have an extra bolus my am bs will be 6-8 on
>waking.  In fact I do find splitting the humalog and having 1/2 before and
>then another bolus an hour later works but its remembering as I am sitting
>down to such a meal, I've often jabbed the bolus in before I've thought!!

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