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[IPk] Holiday insurance to cover loss of meds?

I may have asked this before, and if so, forgive me, but I have forgotten if 
anyone mentioned a suitable company!
As a family, we are going to the US in a couple of months. I have to take out 
insurance for myself to cover the diabetes as the 'free' holiday cover we get 
as a perk with our mortgage has a blanket ban on the diabetes side of things. 
In the past, I have always gone through a local broker and they set me up 
with a firm who will cover me. (Only one will do so given the 'length of 
time' I have had type 1. Apparently, and this was confirmed by DUK two yrs 
ago, a lot of firms have this policy. I have had type 1 for 29 yrs now).  
It's not so expensive as it is just for the diabetes and nothing else (I have 
other medical conditions). However....I have just found out (by being foolish 
probably and not reading the 'small print' last time on either policy) that 
neither policy covers ''loss of medications associated with current medical 
conditions''. Now, my main reason for taking out a policy would be to cover 
this very thing as I would have thought it was more likely to happen than 
being taken ill or anything. We always carry more meds than we need and in 
two cases/bags for both myself and my kids, but things can always go wrong I 
guess and I want to be safe rather than sorry!  
Does anyone know of a policy/company they have used that covers everything? 
Or is this a general exclusion for all conditions? If so, if meds were lost, 
how would you go about replacing them? Especially as they are prescription 
only meds. 
I know others have had better insurance experiences than this. As I say, this 
is what happened to me and it seems very difficult to find a firm. So, any 
names/phone numbers would be most helpful.
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