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Re: [IPk] Pump or New Insulin

I'm sorry but the DSN does not understand pumping
Yes the long acting basal insulin has been a godsend to some people and I
think it's preferable to insulatard, but any person with reasonable diabetes
understanding can see why a pump is superior. With the long acting insulin
you've effectively got one basal rate for the entire 24 hours, so if you
have a tenderncy to hypo at one particular part of the day then tough. Also
you can't reduce it once it's inside you if you suddenly want to go for a
ong walk etc. You are certainly not being treated in the same way as a pump
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Subject: [IPk] Pump or New Insulin

> I was to speak to a Diabetes Specialist Nurse at my clinic earlier this
> about going on a pump. However, she recommended that I try new (analogue?)
> insulins first.
> Her reasons are:
>  The new long acting insulins do not have the inconsistent absorption
> predecessors had. Also, as they last for a full 24 hours, you are, in
> being treated the same way as if you were on a pump as the long acting
> acts as basal insulin.
>  The new short acting insulins get into your system much more quickly, so
> don't have to inject until you have your meal and can increase/reduce the
> insulin as appropriate. (This is effectively a bolus, as in the pumping
> This also means that a delay in eating is not a problem.
>  For the NICE guidelines to be applied in a case you have to have tried
the new
> insulins unsuccessfully.
>  Much of the training for using the new insulins is the same as for going
onto a
> pump, so if I ended up on a pump I would already know much of the
> aspects of the regime and would only have to learn about the pump itself.
> If the new insulins work it will, potentially, save us a lot of money.
>  The nurse added that, since the clinic started using theses new insulins
> this way, they haven't put anyone onto a pump.
>  I would be very grateful for all your comments about this. I'd also like
> regarding how long I should trial the new insulins before deciding whether
> stay on them or move on to a pump (if a trial on these insulins is the
best way
> forward).
> Many thanks,
> Graham
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