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[IPk] Pump or New Insulin

 I was to speak to a Diabetes Specialist Nurse at my clinic earlier this week
about going on a pump. However, she recommended that I try new (analogue?)
insulins first.

Her reasons are:

 The new long acting insulins do not have the inconsistent absorption their
predecessors had. Also, as they last for a full 24 hours, you are, in effect,
being treated the same way as if you were on a pump as the long acting insulin
acts as basal insulin.

 The new short acting insulins get into your system much more quickly, so you
don't have to inject until you have your meal and can increase/reduce the
insulin as appropriate. (This is effectively a bolus, as in the pumping regime.)
This also means that a delay in eating is not a problem.

 For the NICE guidelines to be applied in a case you have to have tried the new
insulins unsuccessfully.

 Much of the training for using the new insulins is the same as for going onto a
pump, so if I ended up on a pump I would already know much of the day-to-day
aspects of the regime and would only have to learn about the pump itself.

If the new insulins work it will, potentially, save us a lot of money.

 The nurse added that, since the clinic started using theses new insulins in
this way, they haven't put anyone onto a pump.

 I would be very grateful for all your comments about this. I'd also like advice
regarding how long I should trial the new insulins before deciding whether to
stay on them or move on to a pump (if a trial on these insulins is the best way

Many thanks,

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