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RE: [IPk] Hospital visit today & marks from infusion sets

Where do you get polyskins from. Haven't had enough sunny time to try out
sunbathing with my pump yet! But I'm going to Spain in the Summer. I'm
guessing that the sticky may not stay sticky for that long with a
combination of windsurfing and sunbathing so I figure perhaps I should go
sarah - dreaming of the summer already... (10.5 weeks to go!)

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> Now the other thing is, Danielle has a lot of scarring from the infusion
> sets
> and I remember somebody on these lists talking about something that can be
> applied to the skin prior to insertion and there is not much of a mark
> afterwards.  Can anyone remember what this was called?  I asked at the
> hospital today and they don't know what I mean.
Hi Barbara,
Sorry to join in late, away again!
Not sure if this is what you meant, bu Polyskin II transparent dressings can
help - you apply the dressing to the skin, then the pump cannula etc and any
pump dressings (depending what type you use) sit on top of that.  Also very
useful for hot climates and sunbathing (my pump dressings won't stick in
heat, but the Polyskins fare better).

For cleaning off adhesive, acetone is probably best (and cheap) but you can
also get "Zof" wipes which are great if a bit pricey.  Most chemists will
stock or get in for you (funnily enough my branch of Boots won't but the
chemist "round the corner" will).

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