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[IPk] Re: Hospital visit today & marks from infusion sets

Hello Jackie

You said: "I don't know anything about the marks from the infusion sets but
hope you find something to help."

As far as I can remember, the stuff that someone mentioned to put on before 
the infusion set is a clear sticky piece of tape.  I wish I had kept that 
mail somewhere now.

The Easter hols are a nice break from the routine of school aren't they? Like 
Sasha, we have to alter Danielle's in holiday times but we increase the 
basals rather than decrease because she is much less active than when she is 
at school.  During the hols she watches more telly but when she's at school, 
she doesn't switch off when she comes home and rarely sits down to watch 
anything. I don't alter her basals if she is very active; I just give her 
more to eat.

I know it's funny sometimes what happens to the blood sugars isn't it?  I 
would be like you and wonder if the incorrect dose had been given.  Again, it 
could be what they've done during the day and it's still working overtime on 
their bodies.  It's so unpredictable at times.  I mean, yesterday, Danielle's 
consultant asked me to increase her night time basals because she is waking 
up too high, but I didn't change them and it's a good job because she was 
only 3.3 when she woke up this morning!

These things are sent to try us!

All the best
Mum to Danielle, dx Aug 2001, nearly 9 now
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