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Re: [IPk] Removal of adhesive & Excema/adhesive allergy

Hi Helen

I have allergies or at least irritations with pretty much every tape 
product available, including micropore, melolin etc, but surprisingly have 
had no problems with the sticky stuff with the Minimed cannula sets - I 
can't comment on the Disetronic ones, cos I haven't yet tried them.

I also use a product called Opsite IV3000 on my skin before I insert the 
cannula (the cannulas I use have an "anti-bacterial" tab on them which can 
irritate skin)... it's made by Smith and Nephew, and although regular 
Opsite tears my skin apart, this stuff doesn't seem to worry me unduly at 
all (it's very similar to the plasters provided with the cannulas).

Hope this is useful.


At 06:55 PM 24/04/2003, you wrote:

>I am not on a pump...yet! But am hoping to push for one later next month. I
>noticed the thread on adhesive removal and just wondered if anyone who uses a
>pump also has excema and/or a plaster allergy? How do you manage with this
>and the adhesive used with the sets? It's just I have this and always run
>into problems with sticky plasters, melolin tape, HRT patches, whatever, in

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