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[IPk] RE: Hospital visit today & marks from infusion sets

Hi Barbara

 That's really good news that Danielle's consultant is finally coming round at
last. Who would have
 thought he change his mind like that! I don't know anything about the marks
from the infusion sets but
 hope you find something to help. I will post a request for help on the US
mailing list and see what they
 use. Some skins must react more than others I suppose. Sasha never gets any
marks or lumps and bumps
 from injecting and rarely bruises now but as you know some kids do have a bad
time with injection sites.
 How is everything going in the Easter Holiday's. Do you have to alter the basal
or bolus rates if
Danielle is very active??

 We have had to drop Sasha's insulin doses all round. Especially the overnight
Insulatard. We have
 managed quite well this hol but the other day she was going quite high again at
night because she must
 have had an eveing meal with quite a lot of fat in it. So we had to give extra
insulin twice in the
 night. Last night we had the opposite happen and she was 3.00 mmols when I
tested at 11.45 pm I gave 100
 mls of juice which normally does the trick but when I tested again at 2.30 am
she was down to 2.4 mmols
 still snoring away oblivious to being so low. This time I gave Lucozade about
120 mls and got up and
 tested again at 5.00am she was 6.5 mmols by then. I had begun to wonder if
Terry, who had given the
 evening Insulatard had given the morning dose in error!!! She must have been
much more active than I
had thought.

Mum of Sasha aged 8 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry

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Hello everyone

 Well some of you will already know that Danielle's consultant was not a happy
chappy when I decided to
 try the pump for her and it has been a bit of a struggle to get him to agree
with me on certain things.
 Today, she had her 3-monthly check up and just before I left, he asked "What
are you doing about funding?
 Has anyone replied to you yet?" and I said "I'm not bothering anymore. They
know I wanted it and they
 haven't come up with anything so I am just taking it that I won't be getting
it". He seemed surprised by
 my response and said "Well I have written a letter in February giving my
support". I couldn't believe
 it. I had asked him in November last year if he would support our GP if
required and he refused. I
 wonder what has changed his mind? He said I should now ask somebody what they
have decided but I don't
 feel I want to. I feel that they do know so asking them the question won't do
anything. Am I wrong in
thinking this?

 Now the other thing is, Danielle has a lot of scarring from the infusion sets
and I remember somebody on
 these lists talking about something that can be applied to the skin prior to
insertion and there is not
 much of a mark afterwards. Can anyone remember what this was called? I asked at
the hospital today and
they don't know what I mean.

Thanks a bunch.

Mum to Danielle, diagnosed Aug 2001, now nearly 9
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