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RE: [IPk] Hospital visit today & marks from infusion sets

At 23:30 23/04/2003 +0100, Sarah wrote:
>I don't know what you can put on before inserting the infusion set but I had
>some ancedotal advice that tea tree ointment could speed up healing. Since
>then I've been using a tea tree antiseptic cream (I couldn't find ointment
>except for acne which I guess isn't what was meant). A dab of the cream at
>an old infusion site, to my suprise does seem to speed things up. Might be
>worth a go and probably won't do any harm.

I agree entirely - I heard the same 'anecdotal advice' passed on 
second-hand from my diabetologist's registrar, and I am very glad that she 
told me. I use two types (no particular reason - just so that I have one in 
my bag and one at home). The first is the Tea Tree flavour of Savlon, and 
comes in a tube. The second is "Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic 
Cream" and comes in a bottle. The latter is much more of a liquid (sort of 
like a moisturiser) than the first, and I actually prefer it. I bought the 
Savlon in Boots, and the Thursday Plantation cream in either Tesco or 

>Has anyone found any ingenious ways of getting rid of the sticky stuff
>though (I normally scrub at it in the shower!)

Another much-appreciated piece of info from that registrar: acetone. It's 
the stuff that nail varnish remover is based on, and smells very similar to 
that. You get it in tiny little 50ml bottles from chemists like Boots; you 
just need to apply it with some cotton wool, and the sticky stuff comes 
right off. If anyone knows of a source for more reasonably-sized bottles of 
acetone, I'd be very grateful.

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