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[IPk] difficulty with glargine and humalog


I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but I've had a peculiar
experience four times now since being on glargine with bolus humalog.  It
occurs in the evening when I have had a traditionally 'good' slow acting
carbohydrate meal with pasta, lentils, rice, curry etc.  Following a large
meal  with an appropriate bolus I have felt very hypo about 40mins to 1 hour
afterwards.  I have had to correct  with a small amount of glucose  even
though I think it would soon rise up again itself quite steeply as following
this my bs continues to rise for a number of hours and if it wasn't night I
would probably correct with a small bolus.  I presume this is the effect of
the slow carbs and possibly delayed absorption due to increased fat and
protein??  I've never had this happen on insulatard or what went before that
but can see the pump being very useful in being able to cope with this.  The
low circulating levels of glargine after the humalog wears off can't cope
with the carbs still being absorbed, and humalog peaks before much
absorption has taken place.  I just wish one found out these things other
than by trial and error!!!

DM type1 35yrs
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