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[IPk] Hospital visit today & marks from infusion sets

Hello everyone

Well some of you will already know that Danielle's consultant was not a happy 
chappy when I decided to try the pump for her and it has been a bit of a 
struggle to get him to agree with me on certain things.  Today, she had her 
3-monthly check up and just before I left, he asked "What are you doing about 
funding?  Has anyone replied to you yet?" and I said "I'm not bothering 
anymore.  They know I wanted it and they haven't come up with anything so I 
am just taking it that I won't be getting it".  He seemed surprised by my 
response and said "Well I have written a letter in February giving my 
support".  I couldn't believe it.  I had asked him in November last year if 
he would support our GP if required and he refused.  I wonder what has 
changed his mind?  He said I should now ask somebody what they have decided 
but I don't feel I want to.  I feel that they do know so asking them the 
question won't do anything.  Am I wrong in thinking this?

Now the other thing is, Danielle has a lot of scarring from the infusion sets 
and I remember somebody on these lists talking about something that can be 
applied to the skin prior to insertion and there is not much of a mark 
afterwards.  Can anyone remember what this was called?  I asked at the 
hospital today and they don't know what I mean.

Thanks a bunch.

Mum to Danielle, diagnosed Aug 2001, now nearly 9
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