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[IPk] Weight and the pump

To those with weight issues if any
I have not been able to catch up with all mails for a while but I have 
noticed the subject of weight and the pump appear on and off and I wonder if 
my experience may help. Overweight is an unfortunate affliction of mine and 
I have shed many a tear over it. When I had my first pump back in the 80s I 
went on a medically supervised milk diet and managed to lose nearly 4 stone 
in weight. Unfortunately as soon as I started to eat again the weight came 
back and more and then my pump became obsolete.
When this happened I could not wait to get another one to do the same again. 
In the time I was back to MDI my glucose control was erratic and remained 
high on large doses of insulin but I could not give increase the insulin as 
I was terrified of the crashing hypos so I guess  a lot of sugar was being 
passed down the WC! I have now had my pump for over 2 yrs and have gained at 
least 10 kilos on top of the weight I already needed to lose. My diet has 
not altered in fact it is probably more healthy as I cannot give enough of 
an effective bolus to deal with high glycaemic index foods!
Some of you have alredy heard me witter on about diets like the Atkins diet 
which did not work at all for me and I know it is lack of exercise that has 
been my failing and now I am actually being bullied into it by friends and 
family! I have never been advised to exercise as part of my ongoing care it 
would have been so much easier when younger to become part of my routine. I 
cannot deny that my size alone makes it difficult nowadays I am starting 
with small walks and trying to increase the time each time I go.If you are 
trying to get a pump based on weightloss alone it might not be the answer, 
be warned anyway the pump has reduced my Hba1c to 7.2 from 9.8. I have also 
recently been commenced on Metfornim to help with weightloss. More worrying 
is the fact my BP is up and I am now on medication for that as well as 
statins for my cholestorol . I have lost 6lbs in 3 weeks and am sticking to 
it I am just frightened that if I don't lose weight 1 week I will give up 
and slip back into my old habits. I don't know any type 1s who are 
overweight although my consultant assures me I am not the only one. I dont 
tell people I have dm anymore because I look like a type 2 who has brought 
it on themselves and it is not very pleasant.I hope this helps you can email 
me off list if you have any other thoughts or want to ask any questions 
IDDM 44yrs minimed 508 2+

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