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[IPk] Nice Glargine etc

Hi All
I don't know if it is any help to anyone but during my appointment with my 
consultant on thursday I mentioned my concerns re Nice guidelines and those 
who have not tried Glargine being advised to take a trial even though they 
were on a pump. He thought it was absolutely ridiculous as as has already 
been mentioned here Glargine has a flat baseline where as my requirements 
vary so much over 24hrs that he did not think that Glargtine was suitable 
for someone like myself.That was the reason he did not put me on the trial 
(I did not even know it was trialed there!). If you are appealing for 
funding this may be helpful in your documentation  all the best Carmel
Now really feeling my age as I can no longer attend the young adult evening 
clinic Type 1 44yrs since aged 3 Minimed 508 2 years 5 months

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