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Re: [IPk] ketones- again

Hi all -

I'm weighing in quite late on Abi's problem with high ketones and BGs that 
wouldn't come down.

This is now my procedure for an unexpected high, and sometimes for a 
somewhat expected high, such as after a meal: I look at the line for bubbles 
(although the bubbles could be gone by the time I have a high) and then 
disconnect and push through a prime. If the insulin comes through ok and 
there were no bubbles, I change the set, even if I had put the set in 
earlier that day. I've had a few problems over the last six months or so 
which turned out to be set problems, and I have learned the hard way through 
repeated experience (I'm slow and don't learn on the first round!)

Now that I think about it, I recently had a problem that resulted from 
leakage into the o-rings of the reservoir - I did all of the above and still 
got no delivery alarms, so then I thought to look at the reservoir. It took 
me a full 24 hours to figure that one out!


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