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Re: [IPk] Site infection

In a message dated 4/16/2003 9:41:04 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I changed my site yesterday.. and 
> found a big lump under it. It's obviously infected - very red and sore. I 
> am going to the GP tomorrow but I'm wondering whether they will want to 
> open it up (as it could run fairly deep, as these things go, due to the 
> canula) or whether they'll just give me some antibiotics? I know you lot 
> can't see it, but maybe youi've had a similar problem.
Hi Karen,

This is my _personal_ category of pump-type lumps, and advice.

"Pump lump" (very common, doesn't necessarily need treatment - 
hard/sore/inflamed small (up to about a centimeter) lump under or around the 
site, not usually infected; usually gets better within a few days with little 
treatment.  Remove cannula or needle and keep site clean.  Don't use site 
again until you can't feel the lump and then for a good month or so.
Pump site infections or local small abscesses (as above but possibly with pus 
locally, in tubing, red area might feel tense or like a boil, and/or a slight 
temperature; advice as above so doesn't really matter which category it falls 
Cellulitis or larger abscess (uncommon! - worse than the above - see GP).  

Diagnosis over the 'phone or email is _not_ recommended! :-)  

I think that a lot of pumpers have had similar problems.  I have certainly 
had "pump lumps" and one or two minor infections.  Without being able to 
see/feel yours I can't comment on the treatment - what is big/deep to you may 
not be to a doctor.  It may only be inflamed but I suspect you'll be 
prescribed antibiotics (if not, don't worry, see my notes above).

If you are diagnosed as having an infection, then it would be worth reviewing 
your pump hygiene etc.

Best wishes,

IDDM 30 yrs+, medic 20+  
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