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Re: [IPk] Site infection

> Hi all,
> following high BGs and some discomfort, I changed my site
> yesterday.. and found a big lump under it. It's obviously infected -
> very red and sore. I am going to the GP tomorrow but I'm wondering
> whether they will want to open it up (as it could run fairly deep,
> as these things go, due to the canula) or whether they'll just give
> me some antibiotics? I know you lot can't see it, but maybe youi've
> had a similar problem.
> Thanks,
> Karen (a bit worried)

Whether or not the doc treats you depends on the size of the 
infection and if it is increasing or not, it is a "deep" infection so 
it can (rarely) be serious. Our doc told us to soak them with a 
"really HOT" compress for 5 - 10 minutes twice a day. This will help 
your body to speed healing. This has always worked for us, but the 
infectios have been few and very small. If yours begins to recede 
spontaneously then you are winning. If you don't see any change or it 
gets worse, go to the ER --- again, this is the exception. Topical 
antibiotics don't do much good for this kind of infection, so don't 
waste the effort on them unless the doc says to do so.

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