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RE: [IPk] ketones- again

I'm already doing that which has reduced the frequency of highs from nearly
everytime I change the set to 1/4-5 times. Any more ideas?!

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>I've been finding that about 1/4-5 times I change my infusion
>set (Minimed QuickSets) I go hyper for a few hours after.

Sarah - don't know if my "technique" will help, but when I change sets, I
leave the old set in place for an extra 4 or 5 hours. This prevents any
unabsorbed insulin from leaking out of the wound of the old infusion site.
Since I've started doing this, I've had no trouble with high BGs when I
change an infusion set. I appreciate there may be extra risk of infection,
but that's not been a problem for me.


Glad to hear about the rowing :-) When I was at Jesus some years ago I did
rather too much rowing too!

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