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Re: [IPk] ketones- again

Sorry, I'm missed this conversation (been spending far to much time rowing 
recently!). I've been finding that about 1/4-5 times I change my infusion 
set (Minimed QuickSets) I go hyper for a few hours after. It's really 
annoying as I can't predict when it will happen so can't really correct in 
advance. If I inject I can't tell if there is a problem with the infusion 
set (which there never has been to my knowledge) but if I keep giving 
myself correction boluses I get back into normal range with about 4-5hrs. 
It's not ideal as I tend to overshoot and go hypo and I don't feel great 
when I am high for that period of time. So I would also be very interested 
to hear any ideas how to overcome this problem.
IDDM 6+, pumper 3months (very sunburnt and aching after 12hrs on the river 
this weekend!)

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>> Ahhh...maybe adding a unit to what you normally would bolus when you've
>> just  put in a new set might be worth a shot (err, bad pun!!!)? If you
>> know your  bg is going to rise when you put in the new set (I have had
>> the same  problem
>> you have there), might it be possible to head it off at the pass?
> Thanks, Melissa - but no way can I tell whether or not the new set/site
> is  going to work, and 80+% of the time the result is fine and the extra
> bolus  would make me have a _serious_ hypo.
> Knowing whether or not the new site/set was OK would probably solve the
> problem, but I don't know how/if that can be done.
> I realise that you're all trying to help - and I really appreciate that!
> -  and I'm sorry that I've been giving pretty negative responses.  I have
> spent  more than two years going through all the options.  But sometimes
> you can  miss something so please do keep coming with advice and
> thoughts.  Wasting  10-20% of sets and the inconvenience of the lost day
> is important to me!
> Thanks,
> Mary
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