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Re: [IPk] ketones- again

>If I have changed site, I often don't know for several hours whether the new 

>cannula has been inserted correctly because in my case it can take up to two 

>hours for even humalog to have any effect.  However, if my bg is high after 
>about three hours and I can't find any problems with the system and there 
>no ketones, then persevering with boluses will eventually bring it down. The 

>clue to an unsuccessful site - cannula outside, kinked, too shallow etc - 
>me is ketones.  I do appreciate that delivery of insulin can also be the 
>culprit so always check the rest of the system. If I get urinary ketones 
>yes, blood ketone measurement would probably be more useful) I will check 
>everything and if nothing's amiss will change the site.   However, several 
>hours then follow when I don't know whether or not the new set has been 
>inserted correctly.  If I gave an insulin injection before I changed the 
>site, I would not know if the change had been successful for hours because 
>the effect of the injection (a single injection of Humalog can affect me for 

>six hours plus).

>This scenario has occurred multiple times since I started pumping back in 
>2000, and whole days can be ruined.  (I would obviously appreciate any 

Hi Mary
I understand your dilemma now. One thing in particular that has struck me 
about what you have said is that you have to wait until ketones appear before 
you realize that you have an unsuccessful site. Surely you need to take some 
action before the appearance of ketones. Once you know that your bg is high 
and you have taken a correction bolus, would it help to test your bg more 
often (at least hourly?) when you first know that you have high bgs? Perhaps 
this could shorten the time that your bg is high. Another point to remember 
is that it takes a higher correction bolus to bring down high bgs because you 
become more resistant to insulin, insulin is not as effective when you are 
high. So the question you need to ask is whether you are taking enough 
insulin to correct for your highs.

Hope that you understand what I am saying.
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