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 As some of you may remember we asked our clinic about an insulin pump for Sasha
and was met with a
 discussion about how dangerous they were, that we shouldn't even consider it,
etc, etc anyway in the end
 we were sent away and told that he could refer us to a paediatric diabetes
specialist called Julie Edge
 ( he said she was highly recommended) who works in John Radcliff Oxford. He
told us she had no patients
 on the pump, and that if they were any good she would be using them!!!! Anyhow
I found out that she
 does have a child patient using a pump. He didn't know this. Anyway we
confirmed that we did want to
 be referred to Oxford. Months went by and we heard nothing at all, but during
this time Beckie was ill
 and having lots of time off school and hospital visits to find out what was
wrong and then I broke my arm
 falling off a skate board, so I couldn't have driven anywhere. I hadn't chased
up the appointment
 because of all the other stuff going on and I was sure that the consultant had
forgotten to refer us. He
 is always forgetting stuff like this. Yesterday we had a letter from our
consultant saying that Julie
 Edge wouldn't be available to see us and this might be the situation
indefinitely. ( I wonder if he's
 found out that she had a patient on a pump) He is now recommending we see
someone at Bristol, even
 though when we saw him last both he and our DSN had dismissed Bristol as having
anyone who would be any
 good to discuss Sasha's regimen or pumps for that matter. Don't know what to do
now. I don't know
 whether to see if we can try Lantus. I am not sure if anyone at Cheltenham is
using it. Or whether to
go to Bristol or to try and find out why suddenly we cant see Julie Edge.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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