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Re: [IPk] A friend recommends a page from The Onion

Sucked in, Abi .. it's all I can say. The Onion is rather well known for 
it's satire... refer my other post.


At 09:10 PM 12/04/2003, you wrote:

>abigail king at email @ redacted recommends a page from The Onion.
>The recommended page is:
>The Onion | We Have All The Time In The World To Find A Cure For Diabetes
>abigail king included the following message:
>i read this page with surprise Perhaps some of what this guy said would
>be acceptable if everyone was offered DAFNE style education and if this
>failed to allow them to live an almost completely normal life with
>excellent control fine, if not automatically switched to pump regardless
>of ability to pay. We all know it's not like this, and what about those
>with unsupoortive relatives, spouse, friends, employer or genuinely bad
>social circumstances. And we all know that "good control" isn't an
>automatic passport to freedom from complications. I can't beliee this guy
>is someone so closely involved with JDRF

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