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[IPk] A friend recommends a page from The Onion


abigail king at email @ redacted recommends a page from The Onion.

The recommended page is:

The Onion | We Have All The Time In The World To Find A Cure For Diabetes

abigail king included the following message:
i read this page with surprise Perhaps some of what this guy said would
be acceptable if everyone was offered DAFNE style education and if this
failed to allow them to live an almost completely normal life with
excellent control fine, if not automatically switched to pump regardless
of ability to pay. We all know it's not like this, and what about those
with unsupoortive relatives, spouse, friends, employer or genuinely bad
social circumstances. And we all know that "good control" isn't an
automatic passport to freedom from complications. I can't beliee this guy
is someone so closely involved with JDRF

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