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Re: [IPk] ketones- again

Medisense Optium meter so that you can test for
> ketones in blood. This way you can know much earlier whether you are
> ketotic.
I actually have the medisense but found I prefered one touch ultra
still having some of the ketone strips I checked yesterday but then looked
at the expiry date tofind they were out of date by one year!. The result
read 0.7 which isn;t in the " danger " zone but obviously I couldn't rely on
this as the strips were out of date. My urine strips are individually foil
wrapped and are within date. I would't have though heavy ketonuria with a
relatively low blood ketone level was possible unless the bolus I had given
90 mins earlier had eliminated some of the ketones in my blood without
touching the glucose, so I have to assume that out of date blood ketone
strips do not give a reliable reading
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