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[IPk] ketones- again

I checked my BG at about 5 .30 pm yesterday and as surprised to find it as 18.
checked bolus history- nothing missed so gave 3 extra units. 90 mins later as
still 18mmols. Changed site, and gave 4 extra units. I felt really irritable
and lethargic like punching someone but otherise ok ( no thirst or vomiting
etc).Checked urine: large ketones, which surprised me. The old site looked ok
athough I had put it in the left side of my abdomen where there are one or 2
areas of scar tissue. I gave an additional 2 units to make it up to approx 20%
of total daily dose. 1 hour later still 17.9 and large ketones. felt the same
so gave 4 units by syringe. 1/2 an hour later : 15.4 mmols. 2 hours later 10.9
and ketones had gone completely( after large volumes of diet coke, salad and a
couple of bites of my partner's pizza)

I think I was a bit careless about checking for air bubbles when I last
changed cartridge etc. So whether it was due to this or the scar tissue. I
couldn't see any bubbles when I changed my site. I wonder whether the first
few units had gone in and I just needed large amounts of insulin to correct a
large deficit ( 13 units altogether). If the first correction hadn't been
given or absorbed at all then I assume
BG would have climbed again rather than stayed constant. Perhaps I should
check for ketones even on a single high BG reading, I probabley would have
been showing small to moderate when I first noticed high BG, and could have
solved the problem earlier by correcting more agressively. I have only ever
shown up ketones before once since being on the pump. This was on waking up at
16 mmols a couple of yrs ago and noticing air bubbles in the tube: only small
to moderate. However I don't always check although I would usually if 2 or
more high readings. Makes you feel a bit vulnerable when this happens. Luckily
I was at work then at home . I always carry a few spare supplies but the
potential for bag to be stolen when away from home is always there
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