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Re: [IPk] Injection for Larger Bolus

On Friday 11 April 2003 16:44, you wrote:
>  Last week I had a really stingy insertion in terms of bolusing insulin
> amounts of 2units or more. Rather than waste money replacing the set I
> decided to Inject my boluses for meals using the pen. 

Hi Julian
I don't understand why using the pen means you don't need to replace the set? 
Is it because you want to avoid getting the sting of the bolus?
I find that stinging with large boluses is usually caused by a too shallow 
insertion or one too close to a large muscle.

To my suprise, my
> control has improved dramatically. Normally after a meal, paticularly an
> evening meal, my blood sugars can reach up to about 13 temporarily. I've
> noticed that injecting my boluses prevents my blood sugar rising to any
> more than around 7.5. Nevertheless, that is not to say that I would want to
> return to MDI as the pump really is my best friend :). I think, overall the
> best for me is to use an extended bolus after meals. The only draw back
> with this is you can't eat anything else during the period of the extended
> bolus because you can't give additional bolus. I've been on the pump for
> just over a year now, and still, it seems, I have so much to learn.

Are you using a Minimed 508? If so, you *can* bolus while on an extended 
bolus. I thought you couldn't as well, but I found you can just bolus as 
normal while the square wave is going on.

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