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[IPk] Injection for Larger Bolus

 Last week I had a really stingy insertion in terms of bolusing insulin amounts
of 2units or more. Rather than waste money replacing the set I decided to Inject
my boluses for meals using the pen. To my suprise, my control has improved
dramatically. Normally after a meal, paticularly an evening meal, my blood
sugars can reach up to about 13 temporarily. I've noticed that injecting my
boluses prevents my blood sugar rising to any more than around 7.5.
Nevertheless, that is not to say that I would want to return to MDI as the pump
really is my best friend :). I think, overall the best for me is to use an
extended bolus after meals. The only draw back with this is you can't eat
anything else during the period of the extended bolus because you can't give
additional bolus. I've been on the pump for just over a year now, and still, it
seems, I have so much to learn.

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