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Re: [IPk] Implantable pumps?

Hi Helen,

I think the pump you are talking about is the Medtronic/MiniMed 2007
Implantable Insulin Pump System.

The 2007 delivers insulin into the peritoneal cavity in short frequent
bursts or pulses, similar to how pancreatic beta cells secrete insulin.
Interaperitoneal insulin is rapidly and predictably absorbed into the portal

The implantable insulin pump reservoir is refilled with fresh insulin every
two to three months. A needle is inserted through the skin into the pump
fill port. To assure refill safety, the negative pressure in the pump will
automatically draw the special U-400 insulin from the syringe into the
reservoir only after the needle has been securely connected inside the fill

The 2007 System contains safety electronics, which continuously monitor all
operating functions. Audible alarms notify the patient of error conditions.
The 2007 automatically alarms and stops if a more serious system error is

The 2007 is programmed using a PPC which is held near the pump and sends
commands using RF telemetry.

The 2007 is very big in France! It is not available in the UK.


Model. MMT-2007A
Diameter. 8.1 cm (3.2 inches)
Thickness. 2.0 cm (0.8 inches)
Weight (empty). 131 gm (4.6 ozs)

The implantation requires minor surgery.

Disetronic have the DiaPort which is a percutaneous port system, through
which the insulin is infused directly into the peritoneal cavity. It is
connected to a standard insulin pump. This system is in the UK now, check
with Disetronic for full details.


John Davis
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