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[IPk] Re: Keones/QuickSets

Hi Caroline

Thanks for the advice - nice to know that I wasn't too abnormal.  I did in
fact not eat anything at all after the first high reading until 9am this
morning.  Funny thing is that after getting back to normal mid morning my BG
has steadily risen and I'm now having trouble getting below 11.  Looks like
I'm in for another sleepless night!

I didn't get an alarm with mine as it had actually bent out of my skin - I
suppose it depended on what position I was in as to whether I actually got
any insulin or not, but it certainly hurt and left a nasty mark when I
pulled it out.

Karen Hennessy

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> Hi Karen,
> I've had Quick sets accasionally get bent - the most annoying thing is
> although they are bent and enough insulin is not going through to cause
> some fairly major highs, they never seem to get blocked enough to set
> off a no delivery. I'm not sure why though.
> As for the ketones, they take huge amounts of insulin, and lots of
> water to get rid of. Although it seems strange, you actually need to
> eat when you have ketones in order that you can take high enough
> amounts of insulin to get rid of them. If you're dehydrated, they also
> take a while to get rid of. The length of time you've described sounds
> very familiar though
> Take care
> Caroline
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