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[IPk] Ketones/QuickSets

Hi Everyone

At 5pm last night I checked by BG (3.5) changed my set and then had quite a
high carb meal.  2 hours later upon checking BG again I found that I'd risen
to 18.7 which explained why I'd started feeling very thirsty.  I quickly
checked the bolus history and had taken it so set about giving another bolus
and checking my blood ketones (1.2) and embarked on a marathon water guzzling
feat.  An hour later done BG again and couldn't believe that I'd risen to 23.3
(Ketones now 1.7) so I had a 5u bolus by syringe and done a complete change
again.  When I removed the QuickSet I found that the catheter was bent double
(I use the 9mm).  I'd inserted it above my waist, slightly to the side and
must of bent over at sometime.  It also looked from the markings on my skin
that part of it may have come out of the skin at some point.  Has anyone else
had this happen to them?  I would also like to know why it took so long to get
rid of the ketones which I had until 8am this morning.

Karen Hennessy
ID 26 years, Minimed 508 2+ months
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