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Re: [IPk] Re: Extended Bolus

> Hey ho.
> Any sort of potato takes hours to work in me...  And I also differ
> considerably from others on this list in how my metabolism copes with
> tomatoes, alcohol, oranges, loads of other foods too.
> It just goes to show that we are all different.  Guidelines can be great
> but in this context they are not always correct for an individual.  My
> advice is to try the food out and see what effect it has on _you_ (and if
> it's "wrong" or doesn't fit the guidelines, don't necessarily believe that!
> - you do of course need to take into consideration other foods especially
> protein or fatty, how the food is cooked etc).

Hi Mary
At last I've found someone else who finds potato raises their BG very slowly! 
I've had countless post-meal hypos from baked potatoes...... Bananas act 
quite slowly for me too, which I think is unusual......
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