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[IPk] News re funding

had a clinic appointment today at my local clinic not pump centre( pump centre
is a 4 hour train ride away so makes sense for me to "be under them" but get
seen mostly more locally)
Thus clinic has one other pumper. Consultant  reasoanbly clued up about them,
asking me about basals. Said he was facing a dilemma about the clinic becoming
a centre for pumpers, and that they ( the hospital trust )ould end up having
to fork out the expense even if they decided against this. So he was more or
less acknowledging that funding will arrive
I asked directly about funding after having informed him of the cost. His repy
was more or less" well why should you have to fork out a grand per year for
consumables" and he took the details of the infusion sets etc which I use and
spoke to the pharmacist who is going to dig out the NICE guidelnes
My pre pump A1c was in the 9s to avoid daily hypos ( althogh was hypo aware),
and I mentioned the fact that I have not trialed glargine. He did not percieve
this as a problem saying words to the effect " if I think you need a pump you
need a pump"
So, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Can't believe it was this easy. I was
expecting a long and bloody battle after which the fundng body would
capitulate just asI am about to move again

positive response only marred by fact that blood count results are abnormal
looking ( mild anaemia, low white cells and platelets) so worried about this
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