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RE: [IPk] Sore fingers and funding

These are the lancets I use too (and like and over the years I've tried
quite a few!). Oddly enough when my lancing device wore out I phone
Medisense who asked me whether I changed the lancet everytime. I erred on
the side of safety and said yes (of course, even when swimming I take spare
lancets...I think not!). Their reply was that they would replace my lancing
device for free given that I only used the lancets once. Couldn't quite see
the relevance myself...

I also just picked up a letter from Minimed. May be worth getting hold of if
you're trying to get funding atm (as I am):
Those responsible for providing healthcare in your area will have to make
funds available for pump therapy by 26th May 2003
(I was told that PCTs couldn't fund pumps as they had not received more
funding themselves to provide funding for pumps. This seems to imply that
they will have to find funds from somewhere.)

Sarah xxx
IDDM 6+ years, Minimed pumper 3+ months
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