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Re: [IPk] Re: Home testing of blood pressure

> >As a matter of interest do many people in this group monitor their blood
> >pressure themselves and if self monitoring what type of equipment do you
> >use/how did you choose it?  Does anyone know of any relevant research on the
> >reliability of home blood pressure monitors?
> >Thanks for any feedback
> Not sure if I count, as I live in Germany, but yes - I monitor my
> blood pressure myself. For a time it was slightly high, but it has
> now gone back down again. I use a NAIS blood pressure watch. Simple.
> Quick. No complaints. It was "recommended" at my local chemist, and
> came free on prescription. There was a posher model that allows you
> to download your results, but I didn't need that.
> It is now said that high blood pressure is as dangerous a predictor
> of complications as high blood glucose levels.
> John

You've probably already found this out John. I had some training from 
one of the mfg's of a watch-type bp monitor. With proper use, this is 
a very nice BP test device, but is very sensitive to mis-use. Extra 
care must be taken to be very still when you use this device and it 
is particularly important to have the device "exactly" at heart 
level, not above or below, when it make's its measurement. Moving the 
level of the wrist up or down by only an inch or two will change the 
BP reading much more than you might imagine. With an arm cuff device, 
the placement of the cuff on the arm pretty much guarantees that the 
measurement point (squeeze point) is at heart level just because of 
your anatomy. Other than that, I really like the small size and ease 
of use. I did choose the cuff type monitor to eliminate this 
variability, but that is my personal preference and does not reflect 
on the instrument's accuracy or usability as long a the guidelines 
are followed.

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