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Re: [IPk] Re: Home testing of blood pressure

> As a matter of interest do many people in this group monitor their
> blood pressure themselves and if self monitoring what type of
> equipment do you use/how did you choose it?  Does anyone know of any
> relevant research on the reliability of home blood pressure
> monitors? Thanks for any feedback

Most of the blood pressure equipment seems to be pretty good but some 
require much more care in their use to get reliable reading. The 
easiest to use are the cuff type that go on the arm. The highest 
rated in surveys those made by "Omron". The one I use is a model 
HEM-711. It is a small simple device that takes a couple of "C" size 
batteries that seem to last months. You put the cuff on, push the 
start button and get a reading in a few seconds. There are many 
similar units on the market, and I would recommend that you get one 
of these "semi-automated" units that make taking blood pressure very 

The trick to consistent readings is to sit quitely with your hands 
resting in your lap or your "measured" arm - hand - held against your 
breast. Take 2 - 3 readings to make sure that they more or less 
closely agree. Moving about will through off the readings.

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