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Re: [IPk] Sore fingers

>Also, not all lancets are quality-control-checked to the same extent. B-D's
>Ultra-fine lancets are something like 28-gauge and VERY stringently
>quality-controlled. When I used 'Brand X'-type lancets I sometimes got what
>looked like pieces of shrapnel stuck in plastic bobs. BAD and painful! The
>B-D lancets are lovely in comparison, and if I can make a plug for them,
>consider this it.

I back you up, Melissa. I've used the BD Ultrafine lancets for years.

They brought out a finer needle point last year. Was it 29G rather than
28G? I got some, and found that the finer points blunt much more rapidly
than the previous versions. So I'm now back on the 28G lancets, and very
happy with them.


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