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Re: [IPk] Sore fingers

 Usually clinics use multi patient lancing devices that have single use lancets
and caps integrated to prevent them being used more than once. Its often
difficult to have several different devices for people to try as they are not
available free of charge and we are restricted by the aids/hep B worry with the
single use devices. Some companies will provide a finger lancing device free of
charge however if you ring them. I have had success with Roche - 0800 701 000 in
the past supplying a soft clix lancer without charge. As most of the meters are
now supplied with a finger lancing device and sample lancets, if you are able to
obtain the meter free of charge then you get the chance to try the finger
pricker - wasteful if you are not going to use the meter and I'm sure would not
be welcomed by the companies who supply the meter. Perhaps they would consider
supplying more finger prickers if they realised what a problem it is trying to
get a good non harpoon device to suit the individual.
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