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Re: [IPk] Sore fingers

I guess I'm  wimp.  I really couldn't stand the pain.  Then I had severe
sinusitus for a month, and was taking prescription pain killers ... that
dulled the pain enough to build up the calluses.

I explained this to my clinic, thinking that this would be something
they could offer to others who found it very painful.  They were
horrified, and said (again) that the pain isn't that bad.

Mind you, this was the same clinic who said I couldn't experiment with
different lancet whangers because
a) 'they are all the same'
b) 'you can get aids from using a lancet whanger that someone else has

I wrote to my GP, and complained about them - pointing out that if B was
true, then they'd risked me getting aids, because they'd always used
their own lancet whanger on me, not telling me to use my own.....

I can't believe that I put up with them for so many years ... I kept
thinking that I was going to get another job and move (I hate

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, would, now, always argue rather than suffer)

In message <email @ redacted>, Melissa Ford
<email @ redacted> writes
>How many people who complain of sore fingers are in fact using the pads of 
>their fingers to get samples? Using the sides of my fingertips instead of 
>the pads, I had sore fingers for a couple of weeks at the beginning of my 
>time as a diagnosed type 1, but using parts of my fingertips with fewer 
>nerve endings and then building up scar tissue/getting the 'right' amount of 
>damage to the nerve endings (sorry, that really sounds bad, but it's what's 
>happened) means I don't usually feel a lancet anymore, though I get enough 
>blood for a sample (sorry for that unending sentence; am in a hurry).
>Also, not all lancets are quality-control-checked to the same extent. B-D's 
>Ultra-fine lancets are something like 28-gauge and VERY stringently 
>quality-controlled. When I used 'Brand X'-type lancets I sometimes got what 
>looked like pieces of shrapnel stuck in plastic bobs. BAD and painful! The 
>B-D lancets are lovely in comparison, and if I can make a plug for them, 
>consider this it.
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