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Re: [IPk] Extended Bolus

Hi Julian,

I very rarely use a square bolus - only for things like a meal without
carbohydate ....

More often I use the dual bolus (if your pump only has the two, you can
fake it by doing a normal bolus, and then a square bolus.

My split is much longer/lower than 'it all over 3 hours' - about '2/3'
now, and '1/3' over four, five or six hours - depending on how few of
the calories have come from carbohydrate (alcohol, especially, tends to
slow it all down).

Can you guess how much 'peak' you want to reduce, and give that as a
square, over longer?  Giving it over longer should make the hypo
shallower (if it happens), and mean that, since you can cancel the rest
of the bolus), you don't have so long a hypo.

But the bottom line is, you just have to experiment - every body is
different, and you may find that there are some foods that you just have
to learn are different- and since hypos are a problem for you, live with
the highs while you are doing the experiments.

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 1+)

In message <email @ redacted>,
email @ redacted writes
> Can anyone offer advice on extended bolus amounts. My normal ratio is 2 units
 >of humalof per 15g of carbohydrate. However after a meal consisting of
 >chips etc I find that my bm's rise quite high and then come down after a
>I started to use extended boluses over a three hour period after the meal. At
>first this worked very well. however i am now finding that when using an
>extended bolus I go hypo quite severely, whereas using the routine of bolusing
>for the meal at the time I have it I get the sharp peak. Do others find that
 >they need less insulin when using an extended bolus?. I am keen to try and
 >these peaks because they cause other problems which I would prefer to avoid.
>ideas anyone?
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