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RE: [IPk] Re: Extended Bolus

Hi Julian

I remember lines!  In fact I still think in lines... although I'm trying to
convert to imperial, as I need 1 u per 12g CHO!!

I learnt a lot about the GI in an effort to lose weight.  "The Glucose
Revolution" is a great paperback with GI lists for many foods, and a whole
chapter devoted to diabetes.  A pocket sized summary version is also
available.  I still need 1u Humalog for 12g CHO whatever the GI factor is, but
knowing the GI helps me decide whether to take a standard, split or extended
bolus, and helps me to plan meals for optimal blood glucose stability.  There
is also an official website, www.glycemicindex.com.


Diagnosed 1968

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From:	Julian Woodley [SMTP:email @ redacted]

I think I am pretty much uneducated when it comes to all these things about
etc.  I've read a lot on here about the differences wheat products etc can
make.  My diabetic education is pretty much grams of carbohydrate to Insulin
whatever the type of food.  In the back of my mind I still live in the days
diagnosis (1975) when 10g of carb was refeered to as a "line" anyone remember
that :)  Seems like I need to learn a lot about diet etc.

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