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RE: [IPk] D UK voting

Well, making the most of scanty information, here's what I thought (though I
can't remember in what order):

Renata Drinkwater "I was shocked about the third world services I saw provided
by the NHS for people like us." "adopt a much more forceful and high profile
stance" and "A vote for me will be a vote for a more radical D UK."

Jeremy Henley "Presently working .... on initiative approaches to diabetes
education and self management."

Catherine McLaren "... I was involved in raising awareness of diabetes issues
when I was prohibited from injecting and blood testing in public areas."

Robin Martin "Now an enthusiastic supporter and user of the DAFNE system"

Helen Robertson - a parent of diabetic child, she seems generally proactive
for education while rooted in reality.

None of them appeared to be pumpers, so I tried to choose those who were, or
supported the principles of, informed patients.  At the very least, I hope to
keep people off of the Advisory Council if they appeared to have attitudes
like some of the people we've heard about on this list...



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You saw someone with views that might benefit the group? I obviously missed
something...please share that!

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