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RE: [IPk] Extended Bolus

Hi Julian

I think you need to speak to your pump company contact.    If you are on a
Disetronic pump, they may put you in contact with Jo Sutton, consultant

I find that potatoes, having a high GI, need a standard bolus, or even
bolusing 20 minutes before I eat, in order to avoid a high peak.



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 Can anyone offer advice on extended bolus amounts. My normal ratio is 2
of humalof per 15g of carbohydrate. However after a meal consisting of
chips etc I find that my bm's rise quite high and then come down after a
I started to use extended boluses over a three hour period after the meal. At
first this worked very well. however i am now finding that when using an
extended bolus I go hypo quite severely, whereas using the routine of
for the meal at the time I have it I get the sharp peak. Do others find that
they need less insulin when using an extended bolus?. I am keen to try and
these peaks because they cause other problems which I would prefer to avoid.
ideas anyone?

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