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Re: [IPk] Re: Home testing of blood pressure

>As a matter of interest do many people in this group monitor their blood
>pressure themselves and if self monitoring what type of equipment do you
>use/how did you choose it?  Does anyone know of any relevant research on the
>reliability of home blood pressure monitors?
>Thanks for any feedback

Not sure if I count, as I live in Germany, but yes - I monitor my blood
pressure myself. For a time it was slightly high, but it has now gone back
down again. I use a NAIS blood pressure watch. Simple. Quick. No
complaints. It was "recommended" at my local chemist, and came free on
prescription. There was a posher model that allows you to download your
results, but I didn't need that.

It is now said that high blood pressure is as dangerous a predictor of
complications as high blood glucose levels.


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