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RE: [IPk] MDI - varying short acting amounts?

Hi Helen

You're not a freak, but an informed patient!  I used to do it like that too.
I had a "base" dose which I would up or down, depending on bgs, amount of
food, exercise, stress etc.  When asked about my doses, I'd give them this
base dose.  I always felt like I was being "naughty" especially as I still
couldn't get good control, and that if I was more "compliant" I'd genuinely
have the same dose every day...



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What I would like to know is, I've always been made to feel that it's only me
who 'runs' my diabetes like this. It's unheard of! Does anyone else,
pre-pump, use this method? I'm fed up of being put on the spot when asked
about this and being made to feel I'm doing something wrong! Of course, the
fact I have to do this to try and keep controlled should be another string in
my bow for the argument for a pump, as surely this is how a pump is
Thanks..feeling a bit of a freak!

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