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[IPk] Claire Ward

To be politically correct your are not a diabetic but a person with diabetes
Does this make things a little better?
I now sometimes refer to myself as " a diabetic" and don't think I would mind
if someone else referred to me as a " diabetic"
This is because I have my DM under control and have a " normal" well ish and
flexibile lifestyle so I am not plagued by the issues that" diabetics"
traditionally have to endure.ie less chance of feeling unwell, developping
complications ,nd not sacrificing my lifestyle to my diabetes

 Hence the term " a diabetic" has become more of an empty label

To get to this stage there has to be acceptance of the condition. Then you can
work out how to fit it into your life. Diabetes education is often scanty and
people are often not given choices of treatment regimens. I wonder whether you
are on twice daily insulin and whether it would be more acceptable for you to
have more injections and more flexibility. DAFNE courses are great if you can
get on one. They teach you how to fit your daibetes into your life  and eat
what and when you choose to and still maintain control. Obviously accepance of
5 injections nad 4 or more blood tests is needed to carry this out
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